Delhi bus rape: BBC’s ‘India’s Daughter’ and in AHHE 13.1 – ‘Nirbhaya:Theatre as witness’

 Farber’s Nirbhaya and BBC’s ‘India’s Daughter’ from ‘ ‘Something adequate’? In memoriam Seamus Heaney, Sister Quinlan, Nirbhaya’,  AHHE 13 1-2 2014  by Jan Parker               (  Full article available for free download! What kind of performance can lay


 “revisiting, reimagining the values, mission, objectives” of the Conservatoire in 2020. A creative, reflective and joyous gathering by Jan Parker uncategorized/the-art-of-the-reflective-practitioner-guildhall-reflective-conservatoire-conference-2015-2/ REFLECTIVE CONSERVATOIRE CONFERENCE 2015 Creativity and Changing Cultures: Themes Creativity, playfulness and improvisation – artistic development – experiential

AHHE FOR THE REFLECTIVE CONSERVATOIRE:Transitions in the creative & performing arts

Transitions: Critical thresholds in the creative and performing arts  by Calvin Taylor, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds From the Editorial for the AHHE Special Double Issue: Transitions: Critical thresholds in the creative and performing arts vol 12 (2-3) 2013

AHHE FOR THE REFLECTIVE CONSERVATOIRE:Reform and transition in a conservatoire

Negotiating with tradition: Curriculum reform and institutional transition in a conservatoire by Celia Duffy, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK published as   The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has recently transformed its curriculum through a process of curriculum reform. This has been a