4294202636_033d98cce4_b_choreography-danceThe Dean, on her ‘crusade for academic excellence. Take the drama department…students writhing around the floor pretending to be primeval slime surely does not constitute valid academic pAcademy Raphursuit’.

from Lloyd Peters’ prize winning first play for radio ‘A Higher Education’, a comedy starring Rik Mayall, Philip Glenister and Helen Lederer, from 2000 rebroadcast Radio 4 Extra Tues 10th March.5751301741_aa8463e472_b_set-of-scales

Plus ça change??!! Surely not??!!


How do you defend/advocate for Arts practices’ academic worth? Call for answers and responses to AHHE contributions:

‘Writing purposefully in art and design: Responding to converging and diverging new academic literacies’ by Melles and Lockheart http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/11/4/346.abstract

Special Double Issue: Transitions: Critical thresholds in the creative and performing arts  ed. by  Calvin Taylor http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/12/2-3/117.full.pdf+html

‘Practices of legitimacy and the problem of artistic research’ by Matcham http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/2/1/41.abstract

Disciplinarity vs. creativity? Of design thinking and ‘the metacognitive mind’ Editorial http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/13/4/329.full.pdf+html

‘A forum on assessment’ ed. Huber and Brawley http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/12/1/3.full.pdf+html

‘Aristotle and the ERA: Measuring the immeasurable’ by Bennett and Franzmann http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/12/4/367.abstract

‘Assessing Diversity’ by Boyce-Tillman http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/2/1/41.abstract

‘Understanding arts and humanities students’ experiences of assessment and feedback’ by Adams and McNabb  http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/12/1/36.abstract

‘The Discourse of Assessment:Language and Value in the Assessment of Group Practice in the Performing Arts’ by Smart and Dixon http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/1/2/185.abstract



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