Seminal AHHE Special Issue:Humanities & the Liberal University: Calls to Action & Exemplary Essays

A Special Issue of writings from and inspired by:  Arendt, Attridge, Barnett, Bhabha, Clarke, Deegan, Derrida, Evans, Heaney, Kanter, Mandela, Moltow, Ndebele, Nussbaum, Stimpson, Strathern, Tagore, New Voices and Editors. *How do we defend the Humanities? *How do we stave

Call for papers–case studies, exemplary essays–on humanities’ disciplines ‘going public’

Extended deadline: Call for Papers generated by social media responses to an blog – ‘The Humanities, The Public Intellectual and Human Flourishing’: Call for Contributions – case studies, exemplary essays – on Humanities’ disciplines ‘going public’