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Call for papers–case studies, exemplary essays–on humanities’ disciplines ‘going public’

Extended deadline: Call for Papers generated by social media responses to an blog – ‘The Humanities, The Public Intellectual and Human Flourishing’: Call for Contributions – case studies, exemplary essays – on Humanities’ disciplines ‘going public’

Arts and Humanities in HE New Issue: Meeting the Challenge

Meeting the challenges: This issue This issue starts with two examples of discipline-boundary-crossing materialculture projects: ‘Ethnography by design: On goals and mediating artefacts’(Fabian Segelstrom and Stefan Holmlid, pp. 134–149) and ‘Toward a pedagogy for faculty and student co-responsibility in

Linköping Conference on Enriching History Teaching and Learning in HE

Enriching History Teaching and Learning : Challenges, Possibilities, Practice: Proceedings of the Linköping Conference on History Teaching and Learning in Higher Education ed. by David Ludvigsson and Alan Booth Full text at Historians are increasingly intent upon building firmer knowledge and understanding about the