Special Double Issue: Humanities and the Liberal University: Calls to Action and Exemplary Essays

A Special Issue of writings from and inspired by:

 Arendt, Attridge, Barnett, Bhabha, Clarke, Deegan, Derrida, Evans, Heaney, Kanter, Mandela, Moltow, Ndebele, Nussbaum, Stimpson, Strathern, Tagore, New Voices and Editors.
*How do we defend the Humanities?
*How do we stave off anti-liberal agendas?
*How do we make our universities fit for [liberal] purpose?

Our answer has always been, by our writing – advocating and illuminating the values inherent in and produced by our ‘skill-ful’ meaning-making practices – on campus, in the virtual classroom, in the community. We founded AHHE to publish exemplary writing about the place and purposes of the Arts and Humanities in and as higher education: discipline-transforming case studies, essays, New Voices (as here):

Table of Contents

*Introduction:How do we defend the Humanities? Jan Parker
*Editorial: Calls to action for the Arts and Humanities in the US, Donna Heiland, Mary Taylor Huber, and Response, Martha J Kanter
*Liberal values at a time of neo-liberalism, Mary Evans
*‘This ever more amorphous thing called Digital Humanities’: Whither the Humanities Project? Marilyn Deegan
*Imagining the humanities – Amid the inhuman, Ronald Barnett
*The Humanities without condition: Derrida and the singular oeuvre, Derek Attridge
*Innovation or replication? Crossing and criss-crossing in social science, Marilyn Strathern
*Music and consciousness: A continuing project, David Clarke and Eric Clarke
*Exploring religious identity through the arts: A call to theologians, Rosalind Parker
*A poem in a medium not of words: Music, dance and arts education in Rabindranath Tagore’s Santiniketan, Matthew Pritchard
*Pedagogical symmetry and the cultivation of humanity: Nussbaum, Seneca and symmetry in the teacher–pupil relationship, David Moltow
*Bathing in reeking wounds: The liberal arts, beauty, and war, Catharine R Stimpson
*‘Something adequate’? In memoriam Seamus Heaney, Sister Quinlan, Nirbhaya, Jan Parker
*Love and politics: Sister Quinlan and the future we have desired, Njabulo S Ndebele
*The evil of banality: Arendt revisited, Elizabeth Minnich

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