This is a CALL-OUT FOR SUBMISSIONS in the area of religion and
Deadline Tuesday 01.03.22
The Religion, Collections & Heritage Group, launched in 2020 will be
holding its Inaugural Conference as a hybrid virtual and live event in London,
June 2022.
We are now opening our call out for submissions;
We invite you to give a presentation, run a practical session or offer a site
visit of your space, collection or archives.
RCHG’s first Conference aims to provide something for all the huge variety of
people concerned with religion and collections.
We are looking for applications in these four broad themes, from which the
conference will be selected:
– Museum and Gallery Collection
– Archival and Research
– Audiences
– Creativity and Curation
If you wish to express interest in being involved please send a 250 word
proposal and single attachment and/or weblink.
We welcome both individuals and representations from institutions.
Some of the questions to which the conference could perhaps seek to suggest
answers, include:
• How can we tell the world about the exciting things in our modest little
• How can a big, traditional, Art Gallery better explain the religious side of its
• How does our space or collection engage new audiences?
• Can our collection help local Religious Education teachers?
• What (affordable) techniques could we use to display our collections better?
• How could our collection contribute to interfaith understanding?
• How does religion relate to social history?
• How can we learn more about the ‘religious’ meaning of our objects?
• What contribution can religious collections make to wider scholarship?
• How does religion relate to diversity? Can our collection contribute?
For more information please contact Rosalind Parker on
Religions, Collections & Heritage Group

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