English Studies: The State of the Discipline, Past, Present, and Future, edited by Niall Gildea, Helena Goodwyn, Megan Kitching and Helen Tyson, is an accessible and wide-ranging consideration of concerns facing English Studies and its unique position within the university and society. It intervenes in current debates about the future of English Studies, the Arts and Humanities, and the university itself. Bringing together a proposal for English to be understood as a ‘boundary practice’; an exploration of the study-guide genre; an account of Derrida’s ‘the university without condition’; a consideration of how the subject might negotiate current technological changes and government interventions; the dilemma of cognitive literary criticism; a case study of English and ‘employability’; and the relationship between English in Higher Education and Secondary Education, contributors to this volume draw out the pedagogical ideas that lie at the heart of English Studies, tracing, in the face of current challenges, historical and contemporary debates surrounding English Studies in the university.

 More about the book here.

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