Practice, Pedagogy and Research in the Creative Arts: views from South Australia

Peer Reviewed Digital Special Issue of Arts and Humanities as Higher Education

This peer reviewed Special Digital Issue of the journal Arts and Humanities in Higher Education draws together complementary but distinct aspects of the creative arts in higher education today. It focuses on the relationship of creative arts practices with traditional research, and the tensions between providing ‘industry-ready’ graduates and equipping students with the analytical tools and resources of a broader humanities education. The essays draw on papers delivered at a Creative Arts Symposium, ‘Practice, Pedagogy and Research in the Creative Arts’, held at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, in July 2015.

Meyrick. Editorial

Kroll. The poet, the adapter, the director, the dramaturg and the text: Vanishing Point on stage

Meyrick & Cavanagh. An Unfinished Conversation: Play texts, Digital Projection, and Dramaturgy

Carter, Hawkins and Young. The Transition by Emerging Filmmakers from the Short Film to the longer format Feature Film or TV project

Vivienne. Reflections from outside the comfort zone: Digital self-representation, vulnerability and pedagogy

Reynolds. On Land Agency: learning the Mallee

Matthews. Entangled: the exegetical process of a romance writer 

Allington. ‘Have you considered …?’: written feedback and the student creative writer

Thompson. Reviewing Intergenerational relationships in the academy

Knight. Success and the student actor: engaging students through digital life-narrative

Meyrick. Endnote