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Peer Reviewed Digital Special Issue

This Special Digital Issue sits alongside the similarly rigorously peer reviewed Special Issue of the journal, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education vol 15 3 /4 (http://ahh.sagepub.com). Together they seek to catalyze  visions for specialist education/training in the performing arts in 2020 and beyond, to consider current developmental initiatives, and to reflect on the contribution these can make to the fields of research and professional practice in the arts and humanities more widely. The digital edition draws further on material presented at the Reflective Conservatoire Conference, 2015, and presents a series of research papers, essays and fora collecting diverse practitioner case studies to illuminate particular topics. Alongside the written papers, a creative encounters platform will showcase relevant visual material: photographs and video documentation.

Gaunt. Editorial,

Part 1 – Creative entrepreneurship, engaging with audiences and within communities

Amussen, Serra & Beeching. New approaches to entrepreneurship in the performing arts

Carruthers. Community Music and the Curricular Core

Danielsen and InnervikExperiences from a collaborative project between the Norwegian Academy of Music and a local municipality in Norway

Part 2 – Mindful practising

NortonHealth promotion for musicians: Engaging with instrumental and vocal teachers

Esslin-PeardExploring the role of reflection in musical learning of performance undergraduates: Implications for teaching and learning

JohansenTo practise improvisation. A qualitative study of practice activity among jazz students, with a particular focus on the development of improvisation competence

HawkesEnhancing performance: An exploratory study of performance coaching in practice in a UK conservatoire

Kruse-Weber and MarinDeveloping an explicit approach to error management in instrumental music education

Carlsen. De- and re-learning the violin – a short reflection

PraneviciusRich feedback and assessment environment in a horn studio: practising scales

StachoPractice Methodology: mastering the performer’s real-time ‘navigation’ in the musical process

Part 3 – Embodied knowledge: research and practice

Coessens. Performative sides/sites of performance: sharing knowledge in artistic ways

Grasso Caprioli, Fabris, Silvestri & Riva. Structural reform and institutional difference: Practice as research in Italy

KoningsFrom music theory to musicianship: The development of a new curriculum for the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague

Practical, embodied musicianship and performance – case studies:

GreenheadBecoming music: Reflections on transformative experience and the development of agency through Dynamic Rehearsal

Gjerris and NorgardImproving the performance of classical musicians through interdisciplinary exercises

ReaExplorations in Charisma:  Applying experimental actor-training techniques to nurture the outstanding musician

Researching embodied practice – case studies:

Spissky. The Body in (Early) Music

Schacher. Sounding bodies – moving sounds: Encounters in improvised play across disciplines and cultures

Part 4 – Improvisation, play, and peer learning at the core of artistry

Haddon. Interdisciplinary coaching and peer learning in art song performance

Mooiman and de Jong. Historically inspired improvisation

Varvarigou. Collaborative playful experimentation in Higher Education: A Group Ear Playing Study

Van Veldhoven – The h-APP-ening: a transmedia improvisation project

Creative Encounters section – forthcoming

Keynote listeners storyboards – Creative Connections– series of photographs and animation

Keynote: Artist as maker – filmed session

Keynote: Ricardo Castro – filmed session

Keynote: Liz Lerman – filmed session

Clips from workshop sessions, to include:

Dinah Stabb – filmed session

Improvisation roundtable – filmed session

Simon Parkin – filmed session

David Dolan – filmed session

Clips from performances, eg Anto Pett and Christoph Bauman,