Naghme headshotNaghme Morlock is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder, concerned with the scholarship of teaching and learning, gender, trauma, and human rights. In her dissertation, Naghme investigates how gender shapes the ways in which members of the Baha’í faith experience, respond to, and cope with the trauma of persecution, the experience of exile and the challenge of religious preservation in the aftermath of mass trauma.

Having developed and taught on-campus, online, and hybrid courses, and published on scholarly teaching and Scholarship of Teaching and Learningshe has been honored with the The Best Should Teach Silver Award and the Betsy Moen Feminist Scholars in Sociology Award. 

Naghme is vocal about her commitment to service work, both in academia and throughout her community. She believes that—as university teachers—we are in a privileged position which allows us to not only teach civic responsibility, but also to lead our students by example. She is actively involved in the American Sociological Association section on Teaching and Learning and this year is serving as part of the Graduate Student’s Concerns Committee. And outside of the university, she has worked with refugee survivors of religious persecution, conducts fundraising for a local Special Education Program, and presents in high schools across the country on Human Rights topics.

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