reading-bodies-writing-minds-2017-poster‘Reading Bodies, Writing Minds’ is a one-day conference exploring mental health issues in the medical humanities, and will be held 13 April 2017at Highfield House, The University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus. The conference is intended to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion on modern and historical aspects of medical humanities. The keynote speakers include Dr Mary Ann Lund (University of Leicester), specialising in Elizabethan-era melancholy, and Dr Chantelle Saville (University of Auckland), speaking on medieval theory of emotion.

This interdisciplinary event is intended to foster communication between different study areas and subjects and to that end we invite abstracts addressing historical and modern entanglements of medicine and the humanities. Submissions might include, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Historical perspectives on mood and emotion
  • Metaphors and artistic forms commonly or historically associated with mental health
  • Modern treatments or analogues of historical artistic approaches to mental health
  • How medical texts and texts about mental health and illness represent and construct their ideal reader

Colleagues who wish to be considered to present a paper please submit by 1 February 2017 an abstract of no more than 250 words which outlines the paper and the area of research. Submissions should be sent by email to the conference organisers here. All accepted papers will be considered for peer-review and potential publication in an edited volume of conference proceedings.

For general enquiries or further information about the conference, please contact Martin Brook

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